Why is Being a Learner so Important?

As you know I am living and influencing in India. Sometimes we have College Student exchange programs. The students are here for a semester or for a special training. Sometimes they come for Service projects that last 6 weeks or 2 months.

Anyway, their first week they are excited, the second week scared, the third week frustrated. But then they "Get It", or so they think. They start to say things like, "Oh, now I understand why Thais...." Well no they don't and in a day or two they discover they don't understand.

Like I said, I have been here a long time. I had the same feelings, the same epiphanies in my early days. Then about once a year I would think, "I Get It." I was wrong. But now after many years I want to let you know I do Get It. What I get is that I don't get it. Every day is a new learning experience. So I keep my eyes wide open.

The same is true in business. Ever read Blue Ocean Strategy? Good book. Quickly, it talks about looking at the market with a different point of view. Data, that tells the classic point of view, "This will not work", tells this new view, "There is an opportunity here." Good Book.

Many of us are small, not well financed, sales people. I am not an employee of SFI. I am an affiliate. How does that differ from being an employee? Should I promote and advertise like a big company? Or should I take a different point of view?

Well, I look at it different. I don't pretend or try to be a big professional company. And in front of me are not the competitive bloody shark infested waters, no in front of me is a Big Blue Ocean.

When we learn that "we have a lot to learn" we are on our way to the top. It is important to keep learning. Just like fashion, skills go out of date. So we need to always be learning new ways to attract customers, attract affiliates and reach our goals.

Be A Learner.