Love Thai food? Try one of my favorite Thai take-out dish.

Green Curry is my absolute favorite Thai take-out dish. It also happens to be a simple, satisfying dish that you can make easily at home, making it also one of my favorite home cooked meals.

Green Curry is traditionally served with a protein of your choice, usually a lighter meat so it doesn't over power the delicate flavor of the green chilies. I make it with chicken or pork all the time and we occasionally will order it with shrimp if we know where the shrimp were harvested. Tuna however, is new for us.

I had been craving green curry all week but we already had chicken that week, I was out of tofu and I didn't have time to defrost and cook some pork shoulder. You see, I've been trying to stretch our animal proteins to about once a week per animal to help with out budget and our health! It gets tricky! You really need to plan ahead....or have an open mind. I took the open mind route and decided to use the left over tuna I had sitting in the fridge. Fish in green curry is common and according to google, putting tuna in it is not uncommon!

So in went the tuna with my usual plethora of veggies and 15 minutes later we sat down to one of our favorite meals. The tuna was almost completely overpowered by the curry. You knew it was there but it wasn't in your face. In fact I think it tasted lovely and I will be making green curry with tuna again and again!

Give this yummy dish a try. It's very filling and full of veggies, good fats (coconut milk) and omega-3's! It is also easy on the wallet and I LOVE that!                            

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