Chances are that you, or at least someone you know, is affected.

Today as I write this, One of the world’s largest spam email operations has accidentally leaked its entire database of almost 1.4 billion email addresses because of carelessness when carrying out a routine backup.

As well as email addresses the leaked data also included names, IP addresses and mailing addresses, according to security researchers at MacKeeper.

The data was reportedly leaked from from a US based email marketing company called River City Media who send out more than one billion emails per day. According to TechCrunch, the company previously has worked with the likes of Nike, AT&T and Gillette.

The massive haul of leaked data was discovered in January, said security expert Chris Vickery from MacKeeper, after he found a remote backup stored online without any form of security or password protection.

1.4 BILLION email addresses leaked online due to spammer’s dodgy back up 

The data breach is so large that the Indian government have since been forced to issue a statement denying that it was their data that had been leaked. The county’s federal identity system database being one of the few in the world to contain details of more than one billion people.

Are you Safe?

Security issues like this are a constant concern. Even with the best practices you need to be ready if your passwords are hacked. Monitor all your accounts, and have a team of experts who manage your recovery if you are a victim of an attack.

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