How Tall Is The SFI Mountain For Newbies And Movers?

No Mountain Is Impossible To Climb. Thousands have made it to the summit of Mount McKinley in Alaska, 29,320 feet. the tallest mountain in North America. Be it Mt. McKinley or the SFI Mountain to reach the top ranks takes serious training, preparation, and planning. Scaling the SFI Mountain won't be nearly as difficult as climbing Mount McKinley, but some things are similar.

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You will still need mentors who will guide you along your path. that's The Forum, your sponsors, and Up-Line. At the Forum you will get many veteran climbers to mentor you to the top, and there is also a multitude of recent new members who also willing and ready to serve, help, inform, guide, or direct you. Some newbies and even some members who have been  around for some time are hesitant to ask for help. Remember, the only stupid question you could ever ask, is the one you don't.

SFI knows that you need a top notch training regimen to follow, so Gery has furnished at no cost, The LAUNCHPAD Lessons. Read and re-read, take notes, and refer to the Lessons, as you climb the success Path to the top of the SFI Mountain. Of course you have to have discipline enough to follow through on what the Launchpad teaches you. Are you committed to your climb to the top. Great! - I knew you were. Along your climb to the very top be sure and ask for help. We are all waiting to help in  your conquest.