Marketing- Are You Like An Actor?

Are Actors & Marketers Similar??? There are so many things that are similar between being a Marketing Business Woman/Man and a Professional Actor. No Actor goes on stage without rehearsing many times. Our Marketing Plan, as we all know, must be read, studied, and rehearsed prior to putting into action many times.

Plan to do the High Priority things first each day. We all have certain things that we fear to do, learn to tackle that demon first. This will let you get the fear out of your mind so that you have clear sailing the rest of the day. Write out your daily plan & your goals for the day.

If you get requests, from other than your marketing business from friends, neighbors, or relatives to help them with time consuming things that would interfere with your plan or goals you need to be able to say "no" in a nice way. I'm so sorry but I have already made other plans, and the answer has to be "no", this time, okay. I hope you understand, okay.

Practice doing 2 things at the same time to conserve valuable time. Example, listen to motivational tapes while driving, or eating breakfast, lunch. Exercise is important, again, listen to those motivational tapes while exercising. You'll be exercising your body & brain at
the same time. So, hope you pick up a point or two. Bless you and yours.