Is That Daylight? or Train Headlight?

Is that daylight, or a train headlight? I'm sure you have all heard of the proverbial saying that when the going gets tough justlook ahead, there is always light at the end of the tunnel. The very first step you take into that tunnel, you are on your way out of the tunnel. (It's best you make plans before entering that tunnel,)


If you did not make plans, you might still see the light, but it could very well be the headlight of a freight train. This could be your demise. The moral of this is to know the schedule (your training) (your SFI Plan) or you could be left in the dark.

With the professional training you will get, or start soon, you will have the opportunity to always and in all-ways know there will be a strong light of $success if you look ahead. plan, and give your best effort on a daily basis.

Why are you starting and not finishing? The proudest runners just do it! They continue to run for the Finish Line, even if another runner has already won the race. Do you want to be included in this elite group? I'm betting you do.

The end result that we have when we are racing up that path to success in our new Marketing Business opportunity does not sometimes let us reach that finish line first, we are in the pack though. At that point we have an important choice we need to make. Do we slow down, do we stop, or do we keep our same pace?

After much effort and time spent, it finally dawns upon us, that the most important thing in the race, isn't that we have to finish first, or even second, but that we finish what we started. We hear the crowd cheering us on, quitting is not an option.

We keep running, keep hustling, never giving up, never quitting. We hold that championship demeanor in our minds.We realize that the sun will rise tomorrow, knowing now that we gave our best efforts. That my dear affiliates is all