Chase Your Passion, Not Your Pension.

Do you hate your job but can’t quit? Well, I want to tell you that you are not alone! I know it’s easy for people to tell you: “If you hate your job so much, you should just find a new one.” Yes, I agree this works for people who want change and a new challenge at a new job. But for some (you know who you are), this won’t solve your problem. A lot of the times, we work at the jobs we hate, or don’t love, for the sake of getting paid and having access to our company’s benefits.

We’re often asked the question, “What are your passions?” but we scratch our heads because we never seem to have the answers to that. Don’t worry, I still don’t know 100%. However, I’m able to answer this question better than before.

With that said, I want to help you search for your answers too. What I’m about to say might be different from the general advice, but it (points #3 and #4) helped me figure out my passions and cope with the current job I hate. I’m hoping you’ll be inspired to do the same as well.

Most of us get too comfortable with our current jobs and we become resistant to change. We fear the unknown and that’s why we chase our pensions [the boring but “comfortable”], and not our passion [the exciting but “not-so-comfortable”].

Even if you haven’t succeeded yet, that’s okay. The more you fail (or should we call them experiments?), the closer you are to succeed because you’ve learned all the ways that don’t work. You may not realize, but that’s already 10,000 steps ahead of the person who hasn’t started at all.

Just remember, as long as you’re still alive, it’s not the end of the world. There are many other opportunities (A to Z) out there for you. On second thought, there’s actually more than that if you ask me. The number of opportunities is unlimited!