Tell me, I'll forget. Show me, I'll remember.

Do you know what is the natural learning? Natural learning is exactly what it says, is it not as natural, for a human being to learn, teach and think as it is to breath. Natural learning for each and every one of us, is to copy others. From birth to two years old children are adapting to the sounds of the family, they are consistently working out, the meaning of the sounds they are hearing. Speaking our natural language quite easily and virtually unaided is natural for every child in every language. This amazing ability holds no surprises to us, we expect it to happen. 

This method of learning naturally, is easily adapted to teaching arithmetic, every child in the world can be taught instantaneously that it's left thumb is called Mr five, and that its right thumb Mr six, even before it can count to ten. A universal habit will be established among all parents to teach by demonstration and repetition, when neural research catches up with reality. 

Simply by establishing recognition of the third and eighth finger alongside side the initial five and six, allows the child to build a permanent memory of the meaning of every number quite easily by chanting and tapping the fingers. By demonstrating that the fingertips touching creates two blocks of five, means that every child in the world whatever the circumstances that it may be born into, can quickly and permanently establish the meaning of ten.

So what it means in your  
online business? The most common mistakes the all beginners doing is they are sending text messages to their connection. Though many people sees it but none of them read it. But if you will add an image to it, then the results will be different. You can tell people how to behave or act. You can visualize it with pictures and use your talent and perform when sharing the knowledge. It is when you involve people and coach them while they are experience it themselves that they will learn and you see them change.