Can You Sell Air? If Yes Then You Could Be The Next Millionaire!

I know talking about selling air sounds Rubbish, But by asking this I just want to make a great job proposal for you. Don't despair, you are not the only person who is looking for this business that pays you $15,000 per month! Actually, it is possible... in fact, there are many such companies... but there is a catch! 

And the catch is: You have to be prepared to buy an existing company that is already successful and clearly can pay you $15,000 per month from day 1. But there is another option! Create and build a business that will grow to pay you $15,000 (or more) per month. SFI is one such business. [AND you don't have to buy it!] 

However, this option requires commitment, dedication, learning about your business, finding prospects, training, motivating, and marketing products and services. And maybe a whole lot more! If you are not prepared to do what is necessary to grow a business to success, then I suggest you: Keep working that JOB to make someone else rich. Keep wasting your valuable time by commuting to and from work. 

Keep paying someone else to watch your kids become adults. Keep missing opportunities to spend time with the person you love - you know, the one you married because you both wanted to spend more time together! Does this sadden you just a bit? Actually, it saddens me a lot because it took me so many years to realize how my JOB was so wasteful of MY valuable time. 

It never really hit me that I always had a choice, or if I did, I didn't take it. So what is the bottom line? My advice to you is to commit yourself to growing a business. Provide value to your market [the people you are trying to influence - affiliates, clients, customers, and prospects] and dedicate your time and effort to building trust. Do this and you may surprise yourself how reachable your dream of a $15,000-per-month payday really is. So what you ate waiting for? Join HERE