Are you an autodidact? (A self-taught person)

Many people complain about not having a Sponsor, or Co-Sponsor that is helpful. Can you still be successful? YES! Many famous people had no formal training in the field where they became famous. They had an interest, and they pursued that interest through self-study.

Many people that join SFI have no training in marketing. Sounds a little bit crazy, doesn't it. We see an ad, consider the possibilities, and the adventure begins. I am going to suggest there are some very basic MUST DO's if you are serious about learning this business.

The LaunchPad is like your Syllabus. Here you will learn the foundation stones to building something great. Sorry, but if you can't get serious about the LaunchPad, I question your seriousness about using this platform for a successful business.

SFI President Gery Carson has listed 20 key truth's that will help put the wind in your sails! To ignore them is self-defeating. The Sitemap will give you a comprehensive overview of everything SFI. It may be the most underutilized tool available.

This is a trademark of shoe company Nike, but is a major motivation for success at anything we do! We can have all the books, the budget, the dreams, the support, etc. but at some point we just have to just do it! I am an Autodidact!