Put yourself in your customer’s place

Your customer determines just how well you've done presenting your product or service. A good presentation answers the prospect's questions and presents benefits that are relevant to that prospect's situation and take into account the prospect's overall point of view. Your sales success depends on learning to think like your prospects and customers. Use these pointers to put yourself in your customer's place.

What is the secret to success? Is it with the capital you invest in it? Is it in the businessman himself? How can we succeed in a world where competition thrives and everyone can easily be an entrepreneur?

There really is no secret. It’s all about hard work and commitment to your business. Of course, there’s the important thing of knowing who your customer is. Orison Swett Marden said, “The golden rule for every businessman is this: Put yourself in your customer’s place.” You need to know what your customer needs and what they want in order to provide them with the right products.

Acting on a customer's feedback demonstrates that your business cares. Whether it's replying to tweets, emails or old fashioned letters, it is important that customers appreciate that you have not only received and acknowledged their contact, but that they know what you intend to complete as a result. Much like the Random Acts of Kindness mentioned above, this individual approach further strengthens the personable image of your business, and helps to reaffirm you as a brand that cares about all customer experience, be it positive or negative.

We Care For Our Customers🏩