You Can't Sell Anything If You Can't Tell Anything

Don't you wonder what is it that makes a brand stand apart from others! often, we see that, you as a company may have done a great job by doing everything right, create the right product, invest in the right talent and develop the right strategies for the best marketing campaigns. But, despite all the efforts, there is something standing between you and your customer. So What is it that is lacking?

Its not a trick but just an art. It is the ability to articulate the story in way that it enhances the brand value to the customer. So, basically, the premise to work around is to create and deliver stories to our customers which have the ability to convince them to choose you over your competitors.

Now the question is how to create such stories? Let me explain:-

First of all you have to develop a message which acts as a differentiator. Then deploy that message as a tool to generate demand for the product. And finally, you need to equip your sales personnel to use those messages and tools effectively to deliver conversations that ends in sales.

Is your team telling your story with conviction? Are the delivery skills captivating enough to generate the euphoria around the brand? Is the brand story consistent and are the sales people equipped enough to narrate it in a manner which links your solutions to what your customer needs?
If the answers of above questions are Yes then you are going the right way. Remember all a brand needs is to perfect the art of consistent storytelling. So keep telling stories and making sales. Cheers

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  1. Short, sweet and to the point. "Good" .... - M. T.


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