How To Eat An Elephant?

Can you eat an elephant? Its so big and you are so small. It looks almost impossible at the first sight to eat an elephant. But its not! Its possibly by one bite at a time! Toady's opening lines has nothing to do with whether you are a vegetarian or not? Eating an elephant is just a saying used to put my point before you.

It happens with everyone. If you have a big goal or project, and it cast a shadow over then you feel dark and ominous. Are you struggling to finish things? I bet when you start out on a goal or project you have a lot of excitement. It might be the dream project you have always wanted.

Your enthusiasm is probably overflowing and you are convinced you are going to rock whatever you have on your plate. After time passes though, do you slowly lose interest, forget why you started in the first, and finally in a state of just plain exhaustion quit the thing you had so much passion for in the first place? It doesn’t have to be this way. You have probably fallen into the trap of one of the most common personal development, motivational sayings of recent history.

Here are the steps to eating an elephant:
  • One Bite at a Time: When you feel overwhelmed, it helps to remember to take your commitments and actions and break them into bite size, or fun size, goals. Remind yourself that you have choices about what you say “yes” and “no” to, and when and how you move forward. Don't try to swallow it once. Remember you have to digest it also after eating.
  • Celebrate Your Every Win: Each time you reach a milestone, celebrate it! Treat yourself in a way that seems appropriate. Acknowledge your progress and channel that positive energy into taking the next bite. Relieve from the stress because it is not apart of your work.
  • Worker With Workers: Surround yourself with people who will support you. They may be friends, colleagues, family members, a coach, mentor or adviser. Keep connected to people who inspire, encourage and challenge you. Make others to join you whom you thinks to be the travelers of the same passage.
  • Trust Yourself: By focusing on the experience you want to have and making choices based on your intention, you can trust that you are moving towards your goal, even if things look differently than you anticipated. If you can't trust yourself then how anyone else can do so.
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