First Learn Then Remove 'L'

Every job that is new require some learning, and most job have a training program in place to train employees the skills need to handle the job requirements. In SFI the principle is the same for everyone who join, and just like other jobs some people succeed and some fail, why is this the case, my opinionated answer is lack of work effort, no knowledge of how the required work should be done, or no interest or desire to learn how the job work.

The SFI marketing group is a consumer product marketing company, with an e-commerce store stocked with products from merchants all over the world, the products sold from the store is how the company help affiliates that join the opportunity offer receive compensation from referring people to purchase products from the e-commerce store. But that is only one income stream out of five others, that can help each affiliate build an income that is 4, 5, or 6 figures, depending on their effort.

The new affiliate that signup the majority of the time, is looking for a way to start earning from online, but with no knowledge of how to do this, and the lack of accessing the training causes the majority to fail. In the SFI affiliate training Launchpad, in the first paragraph under SFI Basics the essential use of the training is stated as needed to be successful in building you SFI business. After the welcome, the lesson explains the affiliate center and the importance of SFI 15 "daily action tabs" on your Affiliate Center homepage, as well as the VersaPoints bonuses which you earn each day for 12 of the "daily action tabs".

Then the final part of the SFI Basics ends with two things under the last heading.

  • Review your action tabs every day
  • Apply what you learn

How do you treat your new Job, do you put in enough hours just to get a check, are do you work enough hours to earn a commission. My choice is to work enough hours to earn a commission, which I earn from my work effort in SFI, now as a Bronze Team Leader I can try to encourage by proof, which is to continue to Post on the forum to help myself as well as the others just like me who get up daily with plan, of how to move their SFI business further forward.

"Don't wait for someone else to make your life terrific. That's your job." 
 Hercules Seizure Mahaan 
                      The Darkman


  1. Good Idea yours " First you learn and Then Remove L, such a meaning thoughts :) nice blog entry


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