Do You Know My Tea Will Supports The Immune System? Learn How?

Do you like tea? How often do you drink it? India is the world's largest consumer of tea in the world – and the second largest producer of tea – including the world's most popular tea varieties - like Assam and Darjeeling tea. However, the growth of tea as an industry in India has been relatively recent.

Historical records indicate the prevalence of tea drinking in India since 750 BC. In the 16th century, a vegetable dish was also being prepared using tea leaves with garlic and oil. However, the credit for rediscovering tea and cultivating it at a commercial level goes to the British.

But today I am talking of my special tea. How will you react if I tell you that my tea will support the digestive system and metabolic waste disposal mechanisms, helps maintain the body's capacity for self-defense, giving freshness and vitality.
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Yes, this is true. The 100% BIO tea helps the immune system and stimulates digestion. The complex mixture ofseabuckthorn, rosehip, apple, orange and hibiscus helps clean the body. Just look at its ingredients- Catina - fruits (Hippophae fructus) 25 g, Peppermint - plant (Menthae herba) 20g, Maces - fruits (fructus Cynosbati) 20g Sat - fruit (Mali fructus) 16g, Oranges - natural flavor 7g, Hibiscus - Flower (Sabdariffae flos) 7g, Portocale- pericarp (Auranthii pericarpium) 5g. All plants and fruits contain cultural backgrounds.

If you still don't trust me then try it yourself. I will tell you how to use it. Over 1 tea bag pour 250 ml boiling water, allow to infuse for 15 minutes, then consume sweeten to taste. Dosage: 2 to 3 cups per day. To be stored in cool and dry place. Content: 36 g (20 x 1, 8 g bags). So enjoy it.