You too can make it here!

If you do not think you can make a living here on SFI, Think Again. I have been in SFI for 4 years and I am experiencing real success. I want you to look at this picture:

Crotia, Nepal, Macedonia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Nigeria Today's Top Achievers. Congrats to each of you. But everyone listen. Anyone from anywhere can make it here. Here is a promo letter I am sending out to all my prospect lists, solo lists and safe lists. Please copy and do the same:

Today's Top Achievers are from all over the world. Not just from the top five richest countries. As a matter of fact, today none of the top five are even represented. So where are you from? Have you tried to succeed online and failed?

Now there is a place, now there is a team, where everyone can succeed no matter where you are from, no matter what you have for resources. You can succeed here at SFI. Join me will you?

Hercules Seizure Mahaan
                        The Darkman