Cyber Attack on video sharing site compromises 87.6M users

The video sharing site Dailymotion, has been the victim of a massive cyber attack that has left 87.6 million users accounts compromised. The Dailymotion hack is the latest in a number of cyber attacks on high profile websites.

Last month Leaked Source also reported on the hack of the Friend Finder Network (400M accounts compromised), while popular gaming entertainment site Evony (33M users compromised) has also recently been compromised by cyber criminals.

Leaked Source warned it had information on a further 20 to 30 cyber attacks that have taken place on high profile sites, which it says it intends to reveal by the end of the end year.

Most sites that fall victim to these attacks assure users their info is safe and then tell their users to change their passwords. But the question is how much are they really telling you. Leaked Source, a cyber attack watch dog, keeps you informed of cyber attacks on many popular sites.

The only sure way to protect yourself is to be ready, monitoring all your accounts, and have a team of experts who manage your recovery if you are a victim of an attack. 

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