How to Use Ginger For Hair Growth?

Ginger is a great hair conditioner. Rich in minerals and essential oils, it makes hair more manageable, softer and shinier. Besides, ginger is a useful remedy for dandruff and dry, itchy scalp. It contains natural anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties that help keep scalp healthy and clean. A fresh ginger root contains magnesium, potassium, phosphorous, and vitamins that provide your hair follicles with nourishment, making them strong and preventing hair loss.

Dandruff and hair loss often go hand-in-hand. This happens 
because the dead skin cells clog
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your follicles, leading to hair fall. Ginger has potent antimicrobial properties that help control dandruff and, in turn, curbs hair loss. Dryness causes hair to become brittle, and this leads to breakage. Ginger acts as a natural conditioner, tackling dryness by restoring moisture to your hair.

Ginger’s active ingredients, gingerol, helps relax blood vessels and thereby improves the circulation of blood. This allows for the improved nourishment of hair follicles, ensuring faster hair growth.

While these properties of ginger make it an excellent hair growth ingredient, there is often some confusion when it comes to what form of ginger to use in remedies. Using ginger in its powdered form might be the convenient option, fresh ginger root contains more of the essential nutrients that make it beneficial for hair care. Some powdered ginger products may contain coloring agents that may leave a yellow tint on light hair.