Are You Working Smart?

85 percent of Thais are accessing the Internet daily. Thai people’s digital consumption is growing faster than expected, with around 85 percent of Thais accessing the Internet daily and 70 per cent using smartphones, according to the Google Consumer Barometer.
Google conducted a comprehensive survey looking at how Thais use the Internet and found the ease and practicality of "living online" becoming more of a reality in Thailand.

It was found that Thais access the Internet more often as 85 percent access the web daily and this rose to 92 percent for people under 25. Thais are getting more digitally-savvy as 69 percent prefer to do tasks digitally and up to 80 percent for people under 25. Are you accessing this growing Market? What is happening in your country?

The Consumer Barometer is a public tool that delivers global insights on consumers' online behavior. Working with TNS, Google conducted interviews across 56 countries to provide advertisers, agencies, journalists and academics with the most up-to-date digital insights.

As Thailand Online Consumerism Hits 62% Don't you want to Do business smart. Enter the Global Market,