Email Marketers - Is there a secret to their success?

Still, successful email marketers report outstanding ROI (Return On Investment). Some report email marketing returns as high as 4300%! So how do they do it?
Is there a secret to their success? Not really. Once all the technical and deliverability stuff is covered, the key is to use email marketing to build a strong relationship with your readers. Note that I didn’t say “sell to your readers”. They joined your list because they already want to know more about what you can do for them, how you can help them. And when you show them how you can help them, sales are going to happen.

So make sure your messages focus on providing real value to your readers. Build trust by sending them valuable relevant information so that they actually expect and watch for your email messages.

The email marketing world has become a tough place for sloppy email junkies that just send out blatant ad after ad, never providing real value, and never connecting with their readers.

But when you provide relevant and valuable information to your readers, you are giving yourself a tremendous competitive advantage.

Your readers, when they look at the many many messages in their inbox are asking, on some level: “Why would I want to read this?”. If you build a reputation that your messages are just going to be another sales pitch, your messages are getting deleted. But if your messages provide valuable information, your message has a much better chance of getting opened.

Is the technical stuff important? Absolutely! But the big difference between a technically correct email and a profit producing email marketing campaign is seen when you focus your content on providing real value to your readers. This means you are sending information that they asked for. Your message is directly focused on their goals and their desires.