Avoid these 5 Email Marketing Mistakes

The number one way I market is email marketing. There are a lot of statistics that show it to be the best possible marketing venue. For example 70% of people polled when asked how they like to receive new information about a product they may purchase said they wanted to receive that information in their email.

So, the question you should have is not, “should I be using email marketing?”. The question is: How do you get the most out of your email marketing campaign?

Maybe you are thinking about putting email marketing to work for your business. Good decision!

The key is to make sure you set up your email marketing campaign so well that you get the best possible outcome: Sales.

I want to help you avoid some of the more common mistakes made and maximize your email marketing campaign to get the best possible results.

Some of the most common mistakes made include things like:
Not personalizing your messages. Emails addressed to the individual receiver by name are much more likely to be opened than the same blind subject line.
Incorrectly personalized messages. Proofreading can help you catch little mistakes in the tokens that can cause your email to be sent to "FIRSTNAME" instead of the actual name of your reader. Have you ever gotten, "Hey FIRSTNAME I want to personally help you." Yeah Right. Be sure to use the correct tags. In my Primary Business the Genealogy allows emails sent with Tokens and it is ~FIRSTNAME~ I can make mistakes putting the two **. Oops!
Incorrect links. I did this just last week in my Genealogy Mailing. Let’s say your message gets opened, and your prospect reads it. They want to know more so they click your link and … get lost. Proofreading helps here, too! This is the most common error I see.
Your messages getting routed to the spam folder. It can happen and it’s easier than you think for your messages to get routed to the spam or junk folder. A message never received will never be opened. One reason behind non-responsive affiliates could be the powerful spam catchers used by most ISPs. Your Welcome Letter or other e-mails may not be getting through to them as a result. When that happens, your message is lost. Google "Spam Triggers" for tips that will improve deliverability helping your message get to the inbox.
Bouncing email addresses. Having invalid or unknown email addresses in your list can cause your deliver-ability rate to tank. And many auto responder services charge you for the size of your list, no matter how many are actually deliverable. It makes more sense to use a service that removes bouncing or unknown email addresses.

So let’s say you’ve done all the work, all the proofreading. You’ve written a good subject line and it is personalized to address each reader by name. You’ve checked your links. Your list is good. Your list is clean. It’s time to send your email.

This is where the line gets drawn for many email marketing professionals. The days of just being able to send out a quick ad or offer are pretty well over. With a vast majority of email being labeled as “spam”, and a lot of valid emails falling in to boxes where people don’t actually read the message, it can be challenging.

Still, successful email marketers report outstanding ROI (Return On Investment). Some report email marketing returns as high as 4300%! So how do they do it?