Did you get a WhatsApp Voice message too?

Today as I write this, (maybe not today as you read this) I received an email in my inbox with the subject line, "Whats App Voice Message". In that email was a few simple graphics, a line that said New Voice Message, a date and time stamp for the message and the number of seconds on the length of the message. Then there was a big button, "Auto Play Voice Message".

When I hovered over the Auto Message the link revealed was a php file that would do an auto extraction of an RAR compressed Zip file. I am a programmer and in laymen's language if I had clicked the link I would have installed a virus, malware on my computer. 

There are several versions of this "attack" that include:

1. An Attack that disables your Operating System
2. An Attack that transfers you to a Pharmacy Site that loads it's Malware into your computer.
3. An Attack that auto dials a server that connects you to a BotNet of Cyber-criminal activity.

Are you Safe?

Security issues like this are a constant concern. Even with the best practices you need to be ready if your passwords are hacked. Monitor all your accounts, and have a team of experts. who manage your recovery if you are a victim of an attack. 

Get Privacy Maxx because it does all three. Help you to be ready, monitor all your critical data, and manages your recovery in the event of a breach. And Cost Effective? Amazingly so. Covers an entire household for around $5.00 a month.