A visit to Mr. Phat at Doi Chang

I have spoken before about Abonzo Coffee. But here I am again. George Mc Bride ( an upline team member from SFI ) with his wife took a couple friends to Doi Chang (Elephant Mountain) to visit Phat and share his business with a couple of our friends. Doi Chang.

While they were visiting him, they not only got some good coffee but a good education. George has a friend named as Phat, that is Pat with a very breathy P, not F. This is his coffee as compared to Starbucks Coffee. Looking at the beans you will notice the whole beans of Abonzo Coffee, while the Starbucks Coffee has broken Beans and small pieces of chaff. they then poured the beans off the plate back into their bags and now look at the difference in the residue left behind.  And I will say While there we enjoyed some great Coffee

You see the residue from the Starbucks Coffee? That chaff and broken Beans burn during the roasting process. This introduces carbon particles into your morning cup of Java. Dirty beans makes bad coffee. So you need to change that morning Java to a Clean Bean Brew - Abonzo,. Dirty Beans Make Bad Coffee. Switch to a Clean Bean Brew - Abonzo